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SCCM & SK Connect 
I will take this input in English or try...!
According to EASA regulations you need at least 1 year flying experience to potentially apply to a Senior position or as Purser!
At SK Connect we have lot of candidates who were promised to become SCCM very soon by CAE ( just because they had a year of flying experience) a nice joke you only become Sccm if you have the skills the life experience and not because you have a year of flying specially coming from "Ryanair or DY" selling sandwishes all your short flying life with no customer service background & little empathy!
Most of these guys are between 20 to 26 with little customer service with no abilities to deal with unforeseen situations and not mentioning emergency cases not able to comply with internal rules and writting their owns...
To lead a team one need diplomacy leadership etiquette knowledge of others culture being able to listen and accept criticism...It's not open to everyone!
One need to be aware of people and people's habits and request I see so many just wearing the title and happy to be a in charge!No! you don't give a A320 & 180 pax to a 20 years old kid...I wouldn't like my pilots in their early 20's!


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